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About Chris Komlenic and Komlenic.com

komlenic.com is primarily an intermittent dev/tech weblog by Chris Komlenic.

I'm a web developer, information architect, and marketer (mostly in that order).  I love LAMP/WAMP stack development, cross-browser and device HTML & CSS, well-normalized databases, and the rise of mobile, cloud, and "thin" clients. 

I'm also an unrepentant generalist who has worked as a graphic designer (print and web), photographer, database administrator, owner of several microscopically-small businesses, and wilderness guide (hence the moniker "canoeguide" elsewhere on the web).

I live in central Pennsylvania with my wife and memories of a sweet dog, and spend free time at a mountain cabin we built by hand on the Allegheny Front.

I can be contacted at chris@komlenic.com, or via AIM as ckomlenic.

I am on twitter, linkedin, github, drupal.org, and I participate sometimes at hackernews (or I just lurk). I can also be found on Facebook (limited mostly to personal/private acquaintances - feel free to search for me there and send a message or request).

Other (largely defunct) projects include: bustardlight.com, supportfree.org, witflood.com, the now-absorbed-here tools.komlenic.com, keystonepokertables.com, and statecollegepoker.com.